Getting Better

A One Act, One Person Play
By Trace Dann

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Captain Krankypants is a returned veteran from the Middle-East conflicts. After leaving the Army he moves into a highly paid executive position in a multi-national corporation. For the next ten years his life changes as the effects of PTSD and depression take control.

Despite working in this high stress corporate job, the Captain manages to build an international theatre and concert production company that organises concerts and festivals across Australia and tours the world with self-written shows.

While mentally struggling internally, he manages to keep presenting a positive, funny and inspiring façade to those around him until eventually he has a heart attack at his corporate office.

On returning to work, the PTSD and depression continue to dig into his mind and he realises he is now hurting those around him but, despite trying, doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. His frustration and anger build until eventually exploding in one massive event causing him to leave his corporate job and storm out of his own business, closing the doors permanently.

As he finally understands all is not well in his head, the Captain seeks the support of health professionals including a veterans’ help line, his GP, a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

Just as we followed the development of his symptoms and his physical deterioration, we now follow his progression along the road to recovery. We get to better understand the symptoms and how they affect him and those around him. We get to understand that there is a support process that sufferers of these conditions can use and we see how readily the symptoms can be addressed providing there is a desire to do so.

We follow how he works with the professionals to move out of the depression and start to record his progress and experiences in his internationally popular blog

We then see how the Captain takes on a new life away from the corporate world to focus on helping others and capitalise on his experiences in theatre to start a one person quest to help alleviate the suffering and number of suicides of those with the conditions.


Trace Dann , the guy behind Captain Krankypants has achieved a lot in his life. He has done so much that many ‘normal’ people would love to achieve. A commissioned army officer, a senior public (civil) servant, a consultant, rally navigator, touring car pit crew, international theatre producer, stage show writer, tv producer, radio announcer… and the list goes on.

He doesn’t put these achievements down to any specific talent or skill but just a mental need to get stuff done and make other people happy – many times at his own cost both mentally and financially.

Trace’s talks call upon his life experiences to show how you can achieve a great deal and be successful despite having mental health conditions.

Trace speaks commercially and also donates significant time, talking to charitable groups, on surviving with PTSD and depression. He is a voluntary speaker for Beyond Blue (Australia’s largest depression and anxiety charity).



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