Getting so much positive response to what your doing.
Mark Dewar – Show Organiser

Well done Trace. Brilliantly presented your fight back against PTSD is inspiring. Best of luck for future talks.
Tony Duheaume – Journalist

Was so amazing to hear that it’s not just me who feels this way.
x thank you x
Annmarie Korver

Thank you again for a moving and inspiring presentation Trace. Very fortunate to have met you.
David Fox – Magician

I enjoyed listening to your story the most and it was ace listening to you speak about how it affects you and how you do things. Was really eye opening and interesting and would be brill to hear more.
Tony Spruce

Wow I can’t believe how much I resonate with what you have written thank you for being able to write down this in such a way that I never could you really are so good with words x
Sue Mitchell

I’ve been holding off on the feedback till I’d seen all the boys. Well mind blowing!
One man is resident on our therapeutic unit. He’s very shy and not a huge talker. In all the years I’ve worked with him it’s only now we have a relaxed conversation.
He told me today he’s been talking in his group therapy about his PTSD journey. He said it’s very hard but he’s taken the first step!
You’ve pulled him back from that mountain. No more words needed #winning !
Such an inspiration, never stop talking! X
Anonymous – HM Prison Service

The Day the Captain Came to Runcorn
Halton has many sufferers of PTSD, depression and anxiety to name just a few conditions.
Trace Dann aka Captain Krankypants has suffered and his mission is to help others, even coming all the way from Australia to help UK sufferers. His uplifting and emotional Last Tuesday a Halton audience enjoyed, and were encouraged, by his no holds barred approach. He had people laughing and crying but he delivered something that a lot of experts struggle to give – Hope. He can do this because he has been there, he has fought the battle and is still fighting but now overpowering the incessant evil of Mental health problems.
Runcorn and Widnes now have hope. Many thanks Captain, come back soon.
Paul Keenan – Performance Artist and Promoter