Update From Krankypants

Hi everyone. Just a quick update on goings on with Captain Krankypants.

All is well in the land of The Captain. Since performing Getting Better at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I have spent some time pursuing some personal interests and taking a break from the blog. I have spent the last few weeks assessing where we are at and which direction we want to head and I will be announcing something very exciting after Christmas that will help as many people as possible.

I want to continue with the talks anywhere they are required but will need your help in finding locations/venues to do them. I have been disappointed by agents I have engaged to do bookings who have kept me in hope by claiming dates were being found – where in reality there was nothing. So once again it is up to us as a group to find opportunities ourselves. I am now in a position where I only require travel and accommodation costs to be met – any other payment would be a nice bonus but is no longer necessary.

The new project will be very exciting and allow up close and personal assistance for people with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Adult ADHD. It will be conducted under my own name Trace Dann (tracedann.com) leaving captainkrankypants.com to stay in its current format dealing with symptoms, actions and experiences living with the conditions. So keep an eye on tracedann.com for the changes in the new year.

Of course, announcements will also be advised here and on the Facebook Page (Captain Krankypants).

Hang in there guys and I hope to see or hear from you very soon…

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