Sensitivities – The New Curse

Well this is going to be an interesting blog post.  As you all should know by now, these posts are normally a “spilling of the guts” where I just let my fingers and brain go off and discuss the chosen topic – then when I have finished the writing, I never read through the final product because I will tend to change it and it will no longer be a free form expression of thoughts.

I chose this topic a few weeks ago and left it to be written on later and, as I don’t remember the context of the topic, I will be interested to see what I say myself. So, here we go on Sensitivities…

The world has changed a a lot in recent history, much of this has been for the good but some of it not so. People have become more open with their feelings which is a good thing but it is also a curse – a curse that on one hand reduces the fear of be open and honest but, on the other hand, causes anxiety and stress in others.

In the area of mental health, it is great that we can now get out and talk about how we feel and how things are affecting us – yes there is still a stigma around that makes a lot of people still fear what they don’t understand but there is so many people around with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other conditions that we will soon be in the majority. Truth be known, we probably all ready are but many either don’t know they have the conditions or are still afraid to ‘come out’.

But, anyway, it is good that we can now get out and freely discuss our conditions and not have to worry too much about how other people perceive us. We are able to be honest and express ourselves freely, not only about how we feel but also about how the world affects us, HOWEVER…

The world now has given freedom of speech to so many people that everyone is now able to say how they are feeling and how the world affects them – so much so that other people are now afraid to say anything in case they upset somebody else and get in trouble. We have a society that no longer knows where it stands, some individuals have more freedom but others don’t. No longer is society based around the needs of the majority.

Everybody now seems to be so sensitive to criticism or negativity.  Where we were once a strong and resilient society, we now seem more bent on how unfair life is… “The world owes me a living, why do I need to do that?” type attitude.  As soon as anything goes wrong or somebody disagrees, instead of fixing it or discussing things in a civil manner, all form of abuse are thrown around… if you don’t agree with mass immigration you are a racist, if you don’t agree with same sex marriage your are a homophobe, you question female quotas for executive appointments you are misogynist and so it goes on… rational debate or trying to understand the other person’s point of view is no longer common.

Everyone is a victim, they claim they are being vilified with any criticism but then, when the criticiser receives abuse from the “victim’s” and has no recourse – the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” no longer seems to apply.  So society appears to be breeding a community of victims rather than strong and resilient individuals.  I have met with so many fellow sufferers of mental health issues and believe that getting over this ‘I am a victim’ mindset is really the key to recovery from mental health issues.

It is a very simple solution to stay in bed or in your comfy chair feeling sorry for yourself – God help me I did it for six weeks – but that is not going to help you move towards recovery.  You have to decide yourself that you are not a victim anymore, your are a driver and a creator – it is up to you (with the help of mental health professionals) to decide you want to do something about your conditions.

You need to approach the future positively, it might only be small steps at the start but you need to take control of your destiny and define where you are heading (the driver). You need to look at where you are mentally and physically and work out what it is you want to do and then find a way of doing it (the creator).  I know it isn’t easy to do, it took me a few weeks to sort it all out with the help of a counsellor, psychiatrist and a little bit of medication but I did it.

I still have the comfy chair but it is on my list of things to get rid of in the near future. As many of you who have seen me at my talks have seen, my positive attitude and desire to get out and help people is obvious… but honestly guys, all it takes really is you deciding that you want to get better and you want to do something positive.

Just a reminder – there is no desire to offend anyone in this post. If you have any comments please use the form below. I am happy to discuss my thoughts if need be.

Keep going guys, you can get over the bad times…

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