It Ain’t All Beer And Skittles

One recurring comment keeps arising from my blog posts over the past few months and that is it seems that everything is going positively and there are no negatives in my life anymore. It isn’t true, there are still negatives and a few post have shown some of the times where I start to return to depression. I have always wanted these posts to be honest so you all can see the truth and how you are not alone in your feelings – to hide the downs would be unfair and inaccurate in my recording of the journey.

For example the past few days have not been positive for me – no reason for it, just biorhythms or life’s cycles, or moon phases or something. Two days ago was one of those days when you just think you should have stayed in bed – everytime you do something it seems difficult or doesn’t work out properly… every decision made by others comes back as a negative… I used to have those days when working in the corporate world and knew then not to go for any big deals or force any decisions because the world was negative and any decision would no be good for me.

The good thing about my situation now is I know these days are intermittent, they will pass and things will improve. So I tend to keep my head down an let it flow over me – stop working, read a book, go for a walk, listen to a podcast – just generally don’t do anything that might get damaged by any negative forces. I know if you are working for someone else that this isn’t always possible but if you can find a way not to make big decisions take it.

So here I am, at the dawn of a new day, putting the negativity behind me and feeling that today is going to be positive – I have already had seven or eight spam emails come in so somebody loves me… It appears one of my email addresses has found itself on a list somewhere and it is getting hammered everyday with emails on how to increase my sexual performance (just click here), how my invoice is ready for payment (just click here), my account will be blocked (click here to prevent it) and how a lovely lady in Bumsplatistan wants to marry me. And despite high end spam filters set to the highest setting on my account at the server level, the crap keeps coming. I would just dump the email account but it is my main one – the one I use for all the real bills and business account stuff – getting rid of it would just be a nightmare activity.

I now also get spam emails from the response form below – for some reason “CharlieheDGL CharlieheD”, or some adaption of that name, using hacked email addresses, thinks I might be interested in “Sexy Girls fur die Nacht in deiner Stadt: (web link deleted)”. Just another of those annoyances in life that really don’t help those of us who tend to get depressed or used to get angry.

So anyway – the birds are chirping, kookaburras laughing and the sun is shining. Plenty to be done today but also some time for relaxation and socialising. And looking forward to tomorrow when and old friend is visiting and we are going to go and do something neither of us has done for a long time – we are going snorkelling. Just another of those things I used to like to do and will also give me the chance to get close to nature a little more – just hope it’s not the type of nature that likes to eat people…

So, this is a warning that any rising sea levels tomorrow will have absolutely nothing to do with global warming, it will just be us two fat old guys getting in the ocean off the coast of Australia. But they key thing here, is doing something I enjoy, re-engaging with friends, getting some exercise and doing something different. So get out there guys and do something different…

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