Change FFS

Continuing on from my last post “Art for Art’s Sake” comes this discussion on Change FFS and how I have perceived change during the period since having the PTSD and depressive conditions.

It seems our lives nowadays are made up of change after change after change – I guess nothing stays the same forever but it seems that the whole concept of evolution and development of things has been replaced by a desire for change to be made just for the sake of change or for someone just to leave their mark on something, somewhere.

I don’t know about other people but, despite a life of forcing change onto others I don’t really like change that affects me without there being any real need for that change. And, as iI get older I seem to see so much change happening for change’s sake rather than for any logical reason.

It’s obvious that technology has caused significant change in the world and it was this that gave me my success really. I was an early adopter of technology and seemed to understand much of it. I was one of the first computer systems managers in the Australian Army and ended up managing the entire Army national computer and admin communications network in 1998. Here it was my job to implement change and make sure technology was managed and kept operational.

This was great fun but I never lost focus of the effect this technology would have on the people who use it or were replaced by it – then with any administrative changes, upgrades or introduction of new applications I again considered the users and how they would be affected. Sadly this no longer seems to be the case with technology change.

So every time a new update to an App comes out, I immediately wonder what they are doing to make it more difficult to use. Then I wonder, with Apps like Facebook – why change something that is working perfectly well for most of the world’s population… a bit like Coke changing their formula/taste in 1978 – they had 78% of the cola market but saw Pepsi increase there sales by a fraction so reacted by making the flavour of Coke more like that of Pepsi.

Then you see road rules being changed because something is seen as possibly dangerous – it has worked perfectly well for 100 years but because some idiot thinks something good go wrong, they change it. In Australia for example we have a rule where you cannot cross an unbroken double line in the centre of the road. This is because it is unsafe to do so in that area. Now they have added a rule to say that any motor vehicle passing a cyclist on the road has to leave a gap of at least 1 metre. If there is an unbroken double line your are allowed to cross it to keep clear of the cyclist if it is safe to do so…. the bloody line says it isn’t safe to do so otherwise it wouldn’t be there. So why add confusion to the rules.

I could go on for pages with examples of change made for no apparent reason that just cause stress in many people but that will just rekindle the angry man I used to be. I don’t want him around anymore, he is too stressful. Suffice to say, where you find stress with change, you are not alone – despite us always being told that change is a good thing and we should accept it, that is not always the case and there are many, many people who do not like it.

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