Long Distance Driving Therapy

Well it wont be for everyone I can tell you that immediately but this morning I had one of those awesome moments – you know the ones… when you don’t feel depressed, you don’t worry what is going on around you and you feel in control of your immediate destiny.

At 06:00 I left my hotel room on the far south coast of New South Wales (Australia) and drove off into a constant misty rain, heading south into Victoria. Immediately on leaving the town where I stayed the road was forest on both sides, still with the misty rain. The radio station I had been listening to dropped out of range so I turned on my iTunes Favourites playlist and left the cruise control off – I felt like driving a car again, not just aiming it. Also that early on a Saturday there was no other traffic on the road and I was at peace.

For overseas readers, in Australia towns in the country are so far apart that if you leave at a certain time you, generally, wont come across any traffic coming from the other direction until at the soonest half way to the next town (in this morning’s case over 100 km away) – Australian drivers tend to avoid driving in bush or forested areas during darkness due to kamikaze kangaroos and wombats. Also any cars going in the same direction as you are all on the speed limit in front or behind you – so driving is peaceful and able to be enjoyed.

And so the experience began, thoughts came and went as I negotiated the straighter parts of the road; concentration was needed on the winding bends and hills but thoughts returned on the straights. But not random thoughts – thoughts of events over the past ten years and even before… it was as if they were putting their hands up and saying, “Give me some attention and I will go away”. Each was processed and then filed away. Then possible futures came up for consideration: talking shows, music shows, books, media interviews, what team do I need to support the #krankyontour, how many shows in Australia, how many in the UK, what about Canada, the US????

And then a song would come on the playlist and it would grab my attention, then I would listen to the lyrics and see that it would be a good fit into the next iteration of the #krankyontour show… the Captain Krankypants Entertainment Extravaganza… and boy does that look fantastic on the planning pad. I cant wait to do more of the current shows so we can refine the most important content into the new experience. More to come on that in the future.

But anyway, as I drove and pondered past and future I realised how at ease and how happy I was – as we know, you don’t have to be alone to feel lonely and I proved to myself this morning, you don’t have to be lonely just because you are alone. Sometimes it is good to be by yourself and away from familiar surroundings to allow your brain to freshen up a bit and do different things.

And so it went on for an hour then I stopped for breakfast before heading off again and another two hours of “Vehicular Meditation”. Then of course, reality returned and traffic began to build, the mist and rain cleared and the normal stresses of driving returned but it was a wonderful few hours alone in my thoughts.

And so as not to ruin a rather positive post I wont discuss the customer service failures of a certain multinational Scottish sounding fast food franchise who have, I am afraid, finally lost me as a customer… if you want to know that story, private message me on Facebook .

Onwards on outwards everyone…

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