Stress Of Western Life

Here we are, another Christmas/New Year period over with and what will be the start of a new working year for many today. A return to normality and the routine of the western world existence – “working 9 to 5, what a way to earn a livin'”. Gosh there is another change in my attitude and behaviours – I’m quoting Dolly Parton. In fact for the first time in my life I have looked through the lyrics of the song and see that it is one of those songs that sounds bright and chirpy but has such depressing lyrics.

Sadly it is the way of corporate life where it is all about the company, profits and shareholders – many times at the expense of staff welfare. In my final years as a paid employee I worked for a multinational corporation that did hold its staff in high esteem, it had a clear focus on where it stood in the market and employed staff who became a part of the company fabric – and it was like a family. Everyone knew everyone else in the business and the focus was on providing quality customer services – as a result the company was well respected by the customer base.

But, over a relatively short period of time the company started an expansion programme that took it away from it’s core business and looked to move into higher volume and higher profit areas – it started to focus on revenue and profit rather than delivery of quality services in its traditional niche market. In order to do this a new management team was employed – people taken out of other corporations and hired at high salaries to give the company a new direction – one at odds to the traditional values of the company and the focus and attitudes of the longer term staff in the company.

So suddenly the company (family) was no longer what it was; new people were brought in, focus was changed, new skills were required, personal attachment of staff to the company was destroyed and people just ‘started coming to work 9 to 5’ rather than living for the company and its values.

Sadly, this focus on profit and pleasing shareholders is the major focus in many western cultures now and staff tend to spend most of their time stressing about meeting budgets and hoping their jobs are safe. This stress then leads onto depression in many cases. This then causes problems at home and before you know it the spiral down into the pit of despair begins.

Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’
Barely gettin’ by, it’s all takin’ and no givin’
They just use your mind and they never give you credit
It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it

So anyway – what am I getting to with this post? While PTSD is one of my key focusses in this blog, we really musn’t forget that depression and anxiety are suffered by more than just military and para-military personnel. Office workers, bureaucrats, small business owners, models, entertainers and many others also experience them, even school kids – in fact there is so much stress in today’s society that it really is amazing that anything gets done.

And then there is relationship stress, another significant issue in society today but the subject of a future post I think as that involves not just personal pressure but also pressure caused by western society’s adherence to traditional christian values.

A bit of a different post this time but I am trying to show here how my thoughts are working and trying to see from where the issues are stemming nowadays so that I can better focus the Captain Krankypants talks for different audiences. Have a great day everyone and I will be back in a day or two…

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