Random Thoughts

Awake again at 2:30am – not because of an active brain but active legs. For some reason my legs tonight cannot get comfortable, no matter what position I lie in they want to move to another position. My head is tired and wants to sleep – a good thing because it is usually the head activity that keeps me awake, so to have a physical issue affecting my sleep is a new experience. I took a couple of prescribed Valium before going to sleep earlier so goodness knows what quality this post will be as my brain is mush, the body (including the typing fingers) is lethargic but sleep eludes me.

But as I recommend, if you can’t sleep, get up do something to keep the mind active, have a cup of tea and then try for sleep later.

With no real theme this evening/morning I guess this post will just be an amalgam of random thoughts as they come to mind. But, if the blog is to be an accurate representation of what is going on in my lie as I move along the road to recovery, then even things like this have to be recorded – after all it might be linked.

I do have a bit of a blocked nose as I sit here so just used a few sprays of Vicks Sinex nasal spray just to clear the head a little but it smells a bit odd – I’m not sure if this is due to my head being in a strange place of or due to the use by date on the bottle being July 2013. Might be time to buy a new bottle I think.

It has been an interesting few weeks… oh look, there’s something bright and shiny to look at… my brain is finding it very difficult to focus tonight and many things are taking my attention away from the task at hand. But the last few weeks have been interesting – Christmas has come and gone, a lovely time with a traditional Australian Christmas after a big build up to Christmas in England and experiencing the cold and the traditions that so enveloped Christmas memories as a child. Then there was seeing many of the rock bands I always wanted to see from the 70’s, the new experience for me of going out to a pub with loud music on New Years Eve and the rekindling of friendships from the past and catching up with new friends.

The next experience for me is to finally get to use my membership to the Melbourne Cricket Club. 27 years I was on the waiting list to join this club and I have only used it once to see a game of Australian Football about four years ago with my daughter… I have wanted to get to Melbourne a few times over the past few years to use the membership but have never got there – with my new attitude of doing things I like to do, I will make the 10 hour trek down there in a week and finally go and see cricket being played at the MCG from the members’ stand.

While down there it might be nice to reconnect with some friends from the past but I have lost track of who is actually down in Melbourne now – if you are reading this, old friends, drop me a Facebook message and let’s ‘do coffee’ in town. I do like Melbourne, it is one of my favourite cities.

While mentioning Facebook, as some of you would now from my previous life, I used to be an avid poster of my opinions on all things onto Facebook – controversial comments designed to elicit a response and encouraging discussion. Many of these posts were complaining about how society was going or political views or, even just on stupidity that seems to be running rampant in the world today. I have received comments from friends recently that they miss these posts as they were generally stimulating – humorous, controversial, observant but never really offensive to anyone of mature sensibility… well,, sensible as far as I was concerned. Many of these posts added to the persona of the old Captain Krankypants and where the impetus for the initial development of this website as one for whinging and bitching about things in life and society – no longer something I do because I no longer watch, read or listen to the news.

I am, however, starting to respond to other people’s posts a little more than I have over the past six months – purely out of a sense of fun and naughtiness – I am trying not to offend anyone’s sensitivities but occasionally might stretch the boundaries a little. I find it interesting that I am again doing this, I think it shows another step forward to getting back to normality but I must be careful not to start to fall back into the trap of constant negativity. A positive mind begats a positive life – see that there???? A biblical term – must be the Christmas spirit still in me, or it might be that yesterday’s Aldi catalogue had a double page spread on how to eat your Hot Cross Buns at Easter.

So, as we move out of this twilight zone of Christmas and New Year, days will once again have some meaning. We will actually know what day it is – this seems to be the first year that days have had no relevance over the period – to me it was just dates, the actual day meant nothing. But now we will get back to the working week and the weekend (not that the self employed, unemployed, chronically injured or retired ever really experience this) with some firmer structure to our existence.

At least next week it will once again be possible to contact people to discuss opportunities for talks on this journey we are going though.

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