Wizzard to Oz

2:20 am with a cup of tea and I reflect on recent events. So much has happened in such a short period of time. I have now completed all the work I had planned for this tour of the UK and am resting before going to the last concert on my wish list tonight – Roy Wood (See My Baby Jive). I am trying so hard not to expect to be disappointed but it is difficult when you have looked forward to something so much and remember past disappointments.

This tour has been sensational – so much more than I expected. I have made some new friends and reconnected with some old ones – there is so much interest in my story and there are so many opportunities popping up for talks next year – it’s just a matter of finding the right times and dates and scheduling them in.

It is so rewarding to hear how this blog and my talks are helping people understand things a little better. I am particularly getting thanks from partners of sufferers who now say they understand better what their loved one is going through and recognise the character traits when I mention them.

The second live show of the tour, in Newark, was to a full house again, made up of a few ex-military but mainly other interested parties, partners and civilian sufferers. A diverse group that is making me reconsider the structure of the show for the future – a little less time spent on the reasons for, and symptoms of, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression with a greater emphasis on how I handled the symptoms myself. The sustenance required to help the sufferers – it’s a fine balance and each group will be different.

I have now had informal advice from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs that they will be accepting liability for my conditions and that they see the Captain Krankypants project as a great thing to do as a part of my rehabilitation program. Yes I still have a long way to go on the road to recovery – the road that you guys are on with me – but I find it so rewarding to be getting out and about and raising awareness and understanding of the subject not just to fellow sufferers but also to the general public.

There has also been so many offers of assistance and support from people who have come to the shows, also the flood of new information, reports, statistics, treatments, etc from experts. I need to go through all this in the coming weeks and work out what fits into the show and what could be the basis for a second series of shows. I have to keep reminding myself that the focus of the talks is to reflect the content of these blog posts, that is, to tell my story in an effort to let others see what they are going through is not unique or, it is what they can expect to experience as they progress towards recovery. It will be a fine balance…

I need to take time to thank everyone who has helped me get this tour organised. Again I will not name them individually for fear of forgetting someone, or thanking someone for the wrong thing. But I believe I have chatted to all of them individually now and they know how thankful I am for all their support – one day soon I will look to set up a web page that identifies each of these people and gives them the public recognition they deserve.

So today is a day for packing the bags, tidying the notes, grabbing a little bit of Christmas shopping, enjoying the festival feeling and tonight rocking out to songs from The Move, Wizzard and Roy Wood then on the plane tomorrow back to Australia. It is such an lovely experience being in England in the lead up to Christmas – cold, cheery, carols in cafes, Christmas pop songs in the stores. Yes… I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.

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