First Show Thoughts

Well ladies and gentlemen, the first Captain Krankypants Live show has been completed and packed away. It is an interesting experience standing up in front of a group of strangers and some friends spilling my guts about mental conditions I am living with. The group was more than expected with a number of additions who walked in off the street.

The place was full with a diverse audience of people from different jobs including military, police and medical professions. There was also a number of partners who came along to support their loved one and to maybe hear ideas on how to best care for them.

During the first half of the show I found myself easily falling into the performance character I have employed many times in the past. The talk flowed, the Powerpoint slides worked and the audience was listening… Or were they???  There was little engagement or visual feedback coming back to me from them – there was little mirth shown from my witty quips and there were lots of stares.  They were probably wondering who this idiot in the pink trousers was in front of them. Nevertheless I persevered through to the short break. I expected many of them not to return after the break…

To my surprise everybody returned and took their seats quickly and I continued looking at methodologies I used to get over the issues. There was a little extra response in the second half but still not what I was used to from the old days of presenting. But at the end of the show the Q and A session was magnificent – a multitude of questions about things specific to the questioner. I promised myself before the show that any questions would be answered honestly. And that was the case…

And when it was asked “So, how many of these shows have you done now?” my response was “This is the first.” There was an audible gasp from the audience and spontaneous applause – I think they might have thought I had been doing this for ages. That, I think, proves the point of how I could put on a positive and confident facade despite all the goings on inside my head – while I wasn’t nervous about the show, I was concerned about how people would react, how the show would flow, maybe I was biting off more than I could chew – yes ladies and gentlemen, the ever confident Captain Krankypants had been struck by a bout of self doubt.

Once Q and A had finished, people left and most thanked me as they walked out. Some went home, some went to the bar for a drink where we overheard them talking about how they enjoyed the show.  While packing up, an audience member came back from the bar to talk about how her life had been changed by he condition but she now felt more at ease with it and was back at work – it was lovely that she spent the time to come back and tell me.

The show worked very well from an admin perspective as well. Mark Dewer has been a friend for a long time now and he pulled this event together from nothing – he put out posters, he spoke to people, he went tot he media and he made me dinner before the show – the weirdest tasting tuna pasta in history. I want to thank Mark for everything he did for the show and hope we can do it again one day.

But once again I failed to do the most important thing… to get pictures and video I could use on promotional material – Despite my confident nature I really am crap at personal promotion.

And here is the only photo from the night – once again thanks to Mark…

Image may contain: Trace Dann, standing


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