You Are What You Wear

There is always so much talk about positive thinking and how that can be a tool to overcoming depression – well I guess that is true to an extent. However, I have found that it isn’t positive thinking that makes things happen, it is a positive attitude and attitude is more than just thinking. Attitude is how you approach life and how you behave, how you present yourself and how you feel about things. Positive thinking is just thinking about it.

I have found that how you dress is a part of the attitude thing- if you dress like a slob that reflects in how you feel and how you behave. I know that when I was badly depressed I stopped caring about my appearance, my hair grew long, I didn’t shave, I dressed in track pants and dirty t-shirts. I was a slob – if I sat down outside a supermarket people would have probably dropped money in front of me. I also found that I couldn’t function normally dressed like this – my mind remained in a negative mode and everything was too difficult, I couldn’t be bothered; near enough was good enough.

If I got up in the morning and decided to have a decent shower, shave, and shampoo then dressed in relatively decent clothes I found that my entire attitude to the day changed – yes I was still depressed and had crap going on in my mind but my approach to tasks changed – I was more creative, more productive and more able to focus on the tasks at hand. I was able to get things done. It was as if the “clothes maketh the man” was in full flight. It really makes no sense logically but for me it seems to be a thing that works.

I suppose it all comes down to marketing versus reality – we all hear stories about minor stars who start to believe their own publicity then become obnoxious and up themselves. When I used to look after performance artists, we always ensured they remained firmly with their feet on the ground despite what the publicity machine was saying. In some cases it was even necessary to get them to feel like a star and behave in a certain way because that is what the fans would expect – it is a fine line between confidence and arrogance – much the same as it is a fine line between sadness and happiness – well it is a fine line when you go from happiness to sadness but it seems to be a massive canyon when trying to get from sadness to happiness.

Another amazing way the mind works – we can go about our day as happy as a pig in poo then the smallest thing can happen that switches our mood around and suddenly we are sad or depressed but, conversely, if we are sad or depressed it takes a major shift in mind set and a lot of time to get out of the sadness. If only it were possible to flick the switch the other way – a bit like at night you can flick a switch on the wall and make it light but during the day it takes a lot more effort to make it dark. If only we could invent a switch to make it easier.

Ok this next bit is a bit like mum and dad telling you what to wear and how to behave but trust me, it works for me and it could for you…

So anyway, what I am saying here is that it is important to give your brain the best opportunity to think that it is in a good place – go out and buy yourself a good colourful shirt and some cool trousers or jeans, even get some decent underwear and funky jacket – package yourself up so you look good and I promise you, your attitude will change and you will start to feel more positive about yourself.

The next thing you need to do is start to think about your posture. Stand up straight (it doesn’t matter if you are tall or short), pull your stomach in (yes we are all expanding around there as we get older) and, most importantly, lift your head up – not so high you look like you have crap under your nose but just high enough to to let you look straight ahead out of your eyes not rolling the eyeballs up to look ahead – stop looking at the ground when you walk around – look around you see what is going on, watch other people, cars, read shop signs, look at the trees, the birds, animals; not just the pavement. Once again you will start to feel different about yourself – more positive, happier and more confident – yes you might occasionally step in some shit or chewing gum but, honestly it is worth it.

Just give it a go guys and send me feedback on how it works for you – use the feedback option below or share on the CKP Facebook page.

October 2018
December 2018 with a change of clothes
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