Captain KrankyPants


See nothing has changed here... how disappointing....

Hmmmm, hello and welcome to my world, a world of never ending disappointment and stress. A world where it seems everyone is out to piss me off and make life more difficult that it really should be.

Firstly I would like to thank the BBC TV shows ‘Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Grumpy Old Women’ for letting me realise it is not just me who feels this way.

Anyhow, this new fangled interweb thing will provide a forum for all of you who feel the same way to contribute and hopefully find some scientific reason for all those things that really piss us off.

Until I can find some smart arse 14 year old to set up a submissions page, I think we shall just rely on that email thing. So if you have any input at all to these pages just send me an email, if the bloody thing hasn’t crashed, to Then I will see if I can work out how to do that cut and paste thing and include your comments on the most appropriate page.

Be assured that all comments received will be added to the site - provided they agree with my opinion. Ones that don’t or any that criticise me will just be forwarded to our local socially challenged 16 year old who will send you hundreds of emails about how to get a bigger penis and last longer in bed.

If You Expect to be Disappointed - You are Never Disappointed

Yes I know the spelling of my name isn’t in the conventional way but it just looks better.... and I like it that way so there you go.